London Marathon Week 2: Training Update

Total Training: 113.8k This week: 39.2k An update on my training during week 2. In case you missed it I made a video of one of my training runs last week, check it out :p It was extremely nice to be back with the Didsbury Runners on Monday. It has been 9 weeks since… Continue reading London Marathon Week 2: Training Update

London Marathon: Training Week 1 (111 days to go)

Total Running: 74.6k This week: 34.1k An update on my training during week 1. Had an amazing meeting last week with Virgin Money Lounge and the LGBT foundation and hopefully will have some good news for you. Running has been going well too, nice to be back running the routes in Manchester this weekend, and… Continue reading London Marathon: Training Week 1 (111 days to go)

Happy 2019!! + Advice on getting into running!

Happy new year everyone, 2019 will be my first year as me so looking forwards to it. I know now is a time people make resolutions and I want to put some pointers to what I did with losing weight and running with couch to 5k. I used C25k to start running again and it… Continue reading Happy 2019!! + Advice on getting into running!

London Marathon Update #1: 600meters

Hello everyone! In a complete surprise, I recently got into the London Marathon, I still can’t believe it. I will be running to raise money for the LGBT foundation, please consider donating on my virginmoney giving page: It has been a huge blessing as it is something constructive to work on, and also to… Continue reading London Marathon Update #1: 600meters