Coming Out the Other Side.. Or Not: a Marathon Training and Mental Health Update

I have been in a terribly dark place the last few weeks. Thinking bad thoughts. The media has indeed gotten worse in its anti-trans agenda. This includes famous athletes dehumanising us, one of whom was my interview answer for person who most inspires me. Also a famous runner, Paula Radcliffe.

Last Sunday (07/04/19) the times alone had 4 anti-trans hit pieces, targeting the only NHS service and the only charity for trans adolescents.

The economist questioned weather eugenics of trans people was a good idea.

As the we in the UK become serfs to businesses and billionaires who don’t pay tax those running things want to focus our attention away from them. They do this by getting us to fight each other. “We aren’t the problem, transgender people are the problem, muslims are the problem..”

I have on top of this had the DWP interview, which added a lot of stress. I’ve been seeing doctors and trying medication. Anti depressants left me unable to run and with nothing left in life. I got annoyed at myself for being talked into them so they are not an option.

Talking about running..

I have been doing a lot of it!

Total running since last update: 276.3k (172.6 miles)

This includes the most running I have ever done in 1 week 85k (53 miles). Also my second third and fourth longest runs ever at:

2nd: 34k (21.1 miles)
3rd: 32.5k (20.3 miles)
4th: 30.2k (18.8 miles)

I have been getting much stronger during the long runs as my endurance increases. At first it was a real struggle after the half marathon point (21k) now I felt strong up to 30k despite not eating on the run. This run was on quite a nice day and I had to stop into weatherspoons for a pint… of water! As my friend Matt says, just don’t make it a full breakfast.

So training is going well. I may or may not do that last long run, it isn’t too important wither way as I am getting enough mileage.

I wish I was able to update this more frequently but obviously I am not up to it. As I was writing this more things happened so I had 1.5 good days and I am getting tired of feeling suicidal all the time.

It is my first birthday as Sofie on Friday, so if anyone wanted to please donate to the LGBT foundation. That is why I am running 26.2 miles in 2 weeks.

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