The GRA consultation

Since my last post I have still been on this downward spiral. I’ve even been unable to enjoy running, although I managed to finish the Manchester Half Marathon. So I will talk about the half, and other stuff. First, the government consultation on the Gender Recognition Act. I was going to put it all in one long post but I will actually make another post or two later.


First the gender recognition act (GRA) consultation is seeking views on how transgender (and hopefully non-binary) people can have their gender identity legally recognised. It was extremely emotional to fill in because it brings up a lot of bad things in the equality act and in the current GRA, also because of the media coverage including an overwhelming amount of transphobia saying I have no right to existence. I think you still have time to fill this in if you go here.

It’s a once in a generation opportunity to improve things for transgender and non-binary people. Currently we have to jump through a lot of expensive and degrading hoops (read more here ) to have our gender legally recognised. And isn’t an option for non binary people.

Aside from the actual proper transphobia and bigotry, professionals saying we need trans conversion therapy, people shouting out of their car that I’m a pervert e.t.c. one argument against the reformation is that it could allow sex offenders to abuse the system and enter womens facilities.

There are a lot of points why this isn’t a good reason to not reform the GRA. Including that using the toilet is already possible by self identification, notice how you don’t need to get your birth certificate out, so self identification is already enough for entering public toilets. Legal self identification as proposed by the government is already a thing in other countries and it hasn’t caused such issues, the list goes on.. on top of that a point I want to make it that seems to be one similar to victim blaming. It is the same as arguing that women shouldn’t be able to wear certain clothes, or even have public toilets because of a risk that violent criminals commit crime against us. In order to stop people who apparently didn’t realise that they could already do this, we should further persecute transgender people. An already marginalised group of people who are already dealing with their own problems along with the problems society is putting on us for daring to be different. What about persecuting violent sex offenders instead?

Here’s another thought experiment, consider changing even the current rules so trans people are forced into the wrong toilet, and lets forget that that means a marginalised group of women who face violent and verbal harassment daily are forced to use mens toilets, and the fact that I would just say goodbye cruel world. Also the fat that therefore trans men would use the female toilet but also in that case what would stop a cis male from claiming to be a trans male, and therefore using the female toilets?

So there’s my frustrations at the moment, and I know its a minority who are against it but believe me they are extremely vocal. Also the GRA has nothing to do with using public toilets, as I’ve mentioned you don’t need to present your birth certificate for that, but the same arguments apply.

So maybe I put forward some new perspectives there.

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My name is Sofie

Hi all just to let you all know my name is now Sofie, going through the process of changing all my ID.

Had a horrible day today and I’ve taken a nosedive really. I know the people who read this aren’t the problem, but I have to write it down. I hope you know its not about you but I aren’t just going to be quiet. I was walking to a meeting with friends from Cafe Diagnosis and on my way got so many horrible stares of people. One young lady shouted “pervert” out of her car window at me and drove off extremely happy with herself. Then a couple on their cycles started shouting “That’s a man in a dress!! That’s a man in a dress!” Repeatedly whilst another lady stopped and stared at me with contempt.

I am seeing contempt on many women’s faces. That hurts a lot I see it also on men and also get more verbal abuse from men but it hurts worse from women for some reason. You know the thing is when people go out of their way to do that to me, they don’t actually have to worry about it, they can rest assured that I have got the same look or will get it from dozens of people before I get back home. I’m sure they go about their day then and feel good about themselves, and for me it is just destroying my life.

I cant imagine what it takes to do that, I see myself as disfigured and I can’t imagine trying and enjoying going out of my way to make someone’s life worse who is already dealing with something terrible. It doesn’t surprise me that almost half trans people in the UK have attempted suicide. The thing is, if you succeed you wont be in those statistics as you are going to be classified in the wrong gender.

I briefly considered just coming back to my flat but knew it would be bad if I did. I enjoyed meeting the CD gang and feel like I have at least done something today.

Just wanted to do a name changing post but if things are going bad then I’m not going to pretend they are good. I can’t change my name on Facebook because I changed it to Jo, so that will take a month or so but I don’t really care.

There have been some good things recently, I wrote my story a while ago and sent it to a running magazine I really enjoy and they have accepted it so it will be included. I also got a new coffee grinder and am having the best coffee ever.

My confidence is low and mood is rock bottom, have only done 5k this week running wise. I have the Manchester half this weekend but aren’t sure after today whether to go. Being ground down. Thinking of moving to Venus, I know its 90 + Earth atmospheres of pressure at 460 C with clouds of sulphuric acid and everything…