Resting heart rate PB during rest (39BPM)

Just checking my resting heart rate. Well I don’t have any other stats to look at right now! 🙂



HR6monthLooks like 2 weeks rest has reduced it a lot. So I will count it as a PB since I ain’t getting any running PBs. Yesterday it got down to 39 beats per minute. Low forties is supposed to be very good!

During my heavy training it was in the low 50s, it would drop to the low 40s (43 or so) during less intense training. So looks like my body is recovering from the built up fatigue, this is supposed to happen – but ideally just before a race, during tapering. Whilst you are training you are essentially building up fitness and fatigue, the taper is to maintain the fitness and recover from the fatigue so that you are in peak shape for a race.

I have started doing some upper body stuff. Also today I did a lot of plyometrics, that should help me maintain fitness, its still a bit risky as I guess its quite impacty. Also It will stop me from being able to run till tuesday at least as my legs are going to get quite sore. But this soreness will be the good stuff.

I think my running form has been good, I noticed even though I wasn’t doing as much core as I should, I got to the point where I could do a 2 minute plank. I tried again today and got to 2:30. A tip to activate your core during plank is to clench your bum. It feels really odd at first but now it’s natural. Your glutes are super important. I will talk more about running form in a different post when I am feeling up to it.

Hope everyone is well. Let me know in the comments if you want to know anything.

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