By the time I let Blue and Marlon and Pharaoh’s ashes off up Sharp Haw its gonna be like Eyjafjalla-freaking-jökull

Someone better let the folk know at Leeds-Bradford airport. I love these bloody dogs :’)


I have to confess, I wrote a lot of this already on Strava in the description of my run! That’s a bit odd I guess, but I’ve always been a bit of a maverick 😀 So I’m in a funny mood as you can probably tell. One of those up episodes. I went on a run in the dark through the woods and along the river mersey. I really like it. I was with the dogs (in my mind) and we were having fun.  😀


Something to be said for gallows humour. I was running with them tonight and we were talking about this while rounding up werewolves in the woods. Blair witch wouldn’t come out to play this time, nor the thing on the ice. Saw a lot of tapetum lucidium though, rabbits and even a fox. So its getting dark early, needing a headlight at this time! At least it isn’t cold. I cant deal with it well anymore.

I probably used some of tomorrows 3k time trial energy tonight but you know I used to drink over 15 pints some nights no problem all my drinking achievements are in the past, so I enjoyed the run tonight better than that. 590 days since my last drink.

I have started to listen to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast, the ones about world war one, they are horrifying and interesting at the same time.


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