Joe Update

Things have been going bad recently. First Blue was put down and then my Grandma died. I am going to be back in Skipton today as Grandma’s funeral is tomorrow. Then I will be back in Manchester for the marathon which is somehow on Sunday.

Sorry it has been so long since last post. I have been very low and have been unable to do much running. My leg gets to a state where it feels fine but then the next day after running becomes knotted and gets shin splints. I saw physio yesterday and she gave it a sports massage. So I will see what happens on Sunday. I may have to give up before the finish. Definitely not as fit for running as I was 4 weeks ago. On the plus side I don’t have to worry about tapering. As for time going to just aim to finish, maybe will try keeping to a 4 hour pace. I was going to try and get under 3:30 before but at least I will have a nice time to beat next time. My bib number is 3420 just in-case there’s a way to track me. Starts at 9:00AM.

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