Bad Leg Diary #2 GCTbalance Update

Well I went for a run last night (or this morning..) and I just got around to looking at my Ground Contact Time (GCT) Balance, I was really surprised. The run itself was fairly standard, I went a little too fast towards the end so it turned out to be a continuous slow ramping up of speed to around my 5k pace. My calf isn’t right yet but much better and didn’t bother me on the run. The only thing I noticed is on the opposite side my foot was slightly sore, I assume because it was doing all the work in previous runs and made me glad I cut the long run short. Anyway check out the GCT balance.


That’s the most balanced for me, I was getting around 50.8R to 51.2R before the calf issues. I actually think this balance is because my right foot was a bit sore, leading me to favour the left more than usual. I wonder if my right leg is bigger than the left?

So I want to write up my training plan for the marathon today and hopefully will post that/something more interesting than GCT balance soon. I was also thinking of retrying the long run from Sunday today so I will see how that goes.

As for these running dynamic metrics… don’t worry about them. For me the most important metrics are pace, cadence and, less-so heart-rate (HR). Some people put more emphasis on HR but I prefer perceived effort for now. The only reason I have all the extra stuff is my HR strap provides it. For beginners I would recommend just using your phone to record your runs. Strava does a decent job but there are tons of apps.

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