Couch to 5k and my current training “Plan”

The Couch to 5K bit

Have been feeling very low recently, it’s a good job I have running to help me escape from my mind. It’s a lot like doing a mindfulness exercise when you go for a run. I encourage everyone to do it, or start with Couch to 5K right now!

And if you start couch to 5k and want support there is an awesome forum, you CAN do it! There are people starting it in their 70s and later in life who have never run before. Your only regret will be that you didnt try it sooner 🙂

If you are thinking of doing it, join that forum and get all the encouragement in the world!


My Current Stuff Bit

I decided after the pre-marathon injury (shin splints for 5 weeks) to cut my mileage back. I am quite certain the injury was partly because I ramped up my weekly mileage too fast, along with overpronating and starting to land more and more forefoot. All of which put extra demands on the muscles and ligaments connecting to the shin.

My current objective is to improve my speed, whilst slowly increasing weekly mileage to about 40 miles per week. To do this I am doing interval training for 5k races (although I haven’t signed up for one) as well as strength and conditioning to improve my stability around the knees and make me even more injury proof as well as speeding me up.

I’m following the free base building plan by Sage Canaday and Sandi Nypaver, this is a 9 week plan to build up your base running safely to 40 miles per week. I say following it, but because I’m doing the 5k interval stuff as well as wanting to do Parkrun every Saturday and going to Didsbury runners on Monday, I am really just trying to hit the weekly mileage totals, as well as taking same number of rest days on the plan. So if I get injured, cant blame Sage 😀

Anyway I am currently on week 4 of that plan

My next races are :

Great North Run (HM) (May have to defer till next year) 09-09-2018
Manchester Half Marathon 14-10-2018
Bolton Abbey (HM) 11-11-2018

As you can see, they’re all HM, and I’m training for a 5k. Well I intend to increase my weekly long run to at least HM distance, and just be mindful on the day of each race that I haven’t trained properly, so just enjoy the run and not worry about time. Although I could change my mind, and do want to beet my Manchester Half time of 1:37:06!

I am pretty sure I can beat the Bolton Abbey time, all I have to do is A) Not get injured and have to go easy, B) Get stuck behind a 4 by 4 on the bridge to the finish line. C) they’ve sorted out the style problems, so in effect I am cheating this time 😛 . It’s a lovely course too so even if I don’t go faster, I spend more time admiring the scenery. Win win.


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