3 Races Update!!!


Well its been a while! I seem to keep hoping this blog will write itself as I have been in a state of “I intend to do that” for over 3 months now. Time just keeps going it seems!

Since my last post I completed the Manchester Marathon, the Great Manchester 10k and the Manchester Mile. Thankyou to everyone who donated to Mind I and Mind really appreciate it and everyone who has supported me on this running malarkey!

All three of these races went differently:

The Marathon was very painful and difficult and a case of just not dropping out and somehow keeping running. I’m really happy I completed it after having to take a 5 week rest before the run due to shin splints. In the end I got there in 4:11:11.



The 10k was surprisingly hard. I had no idea how fit I was as it was quite soon after the marathon and I didn’t do any speedy stuff in that gap just long slow runs to make sure I completely recovered from the shin splints and marathon. I set off way too fast and on top of that is was super warm (was it 28C?). This was my first experience of racing in the heat and I learnt that it slows you down a huge amount. In the end I got around in 47:24. Thats 2 minutes slower than I ran the last 10k of the half marathon, but still an improvement over last year. It’s always a super fun race for me as there are so many crowds so I just enjoyed the race. I met Phil and Laura afterwards too and they had both run the 10k. Huge well done to Silke and Laura who did their first race! 🙂



The Manchester Mile, after the last 2 races being slower than I aimed for, was just what I needed. I recommend everyone sign up for this, its four laps around a running track with all abilities taking part. I was expecting to be able to do a mile in about 6:30, but went out trying to get 6 minutes. In the end I got around in just under 6 minutes which I was very happy with. I was pretty unconfident though and seem to have taken a little break halfway around, I was about to overtake someone and just felt like maybe I was going too fast. Saying that I don’t think I could have knocked more than a few seconds off, if even that. Official time was 5:59.70




So Now my next races are the Great North Run, The Manchester Half Marathon and then I’ve signed up for the Manchester Marathon Next year.

Although the next ones are HM I am just training for 5k speed. With the hope of getting a sub 20 minute 5k. At the same time increasing my weekly distance through long easy runs so that I should be able to run the HM just fine.

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