Sofies London Marathon Week 10 Training Update: Shelter

I am running the London Marathon to raise money for the LGBT Foundation, please consider donating here:

Total Training: 410.9k (256 miles)
Week 7: 34.8k (21.75 miles)

Only 3 runs to talk about this week and once again I didn’t fit the long run in so hopefully I will fit that in this week.     

It has been a horrible week, the transphobia machine screams louder it seems. There was a story about a transgender prison opening up where all transgender females were to be held. This later turned out to be fake. There was a story about moving transgender females from female wards in NHS hospitals, also turned out to be fake. And british sport stars have continued their transphobic attack.

Being transgender is having this daily barrage of hate and fear. I think I find it worse because I am on twitter so I see all the BS. Most people don’t know a transgender person, so their knowledge of us is from people who hate us on the news.

I was feeling suicidal so went home. My stress levels were so high I woke up one night and had to throw up. I was eating one meal per day and not feeling hungry. I wasn’t sleeping and that all meant I wasn’t recovering from the running, so I cut back. I could feel my legs were still too sore and I think pushing this week would lead to overtraining and getting injured. Much better to be undertrained than overtrained for running.

While I was at home I finally ran my favourite walking route. I even videoed it so you can all join me on the whole run and see why I love running to much.

Here is just a segment from the top. You have seen this and more if you watched the above version.

I did a lot of it in 4K and caught some amazing bird murmurations in skipton. So When I can I will edit those and upload them. It is like snow but with birds, never seen such a large murmuration. Problem with 4K is you need a good processor to edit it, so its going to take me a while to get through.

Also in running news I am now in my favourite running magazine Like The Wind with my story about being sectioned, losing weight and finding myself. It has been a while since I wrote it so just read it again and really happy with it. They also did a section on non-binary runners.

“So perhaps it’s not surprising that running is breaking new ground in its inclusion of those who do not identify according to traditional gender norms. In this issue, we’ve talked and listened to runners and activists about how our sport is accommodating non-binary athletes, plus one transwoman tells us how running turned her life around.”

Although the only tiny bit I disagree with is I am a trans woman, not a transwoman. Which isn’t a big mistake. It has been quite interesting to read about non-binary runners and how they wish to be included in races. Unlike the mainstream media it isn’t sensationalist piece, just stories from us humans who happen to like running.

It’s tuesday and I still haven’t had a run this week. So wish me luck, I find it hard to go outside.

Love you all!

Sofie, xxxx

2 thoughts on “Sofies London Marathon Week 10 Training Update: Shelter”

  1. In the video I love how the clouds look, and the birds that fluttered when you walked by the rock wall. Such a peaceful looking place! Thank you for sharing! 🦉


  2. That is awesome too that you were featured in Like The Wind! And good too that they are inclusive of non-binary folks! 🦉


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