Post GRA mental exhaustion

This is the scary reality, people are choosing to create a hell on Earth. I keep hearing people in the UK saying “Trump is OK”, or “I respect trump” it sends shivers up my spine. I remember wondering how evil dictators got into power and I believe we have seen it start in America when trump got in. People need to wake up, all he wants is to remain in power, he doesn’t care about anybody but if people are willing to follow the school bully and swallow the hatred pill and let it make everything OK because they can blame one set of people for the complex problems of life. But it will come for everyone in the end.
Was actually surprised to see this reported at all on the BBC, even though it’s buried. The media coverage on trans issues since the GRA consultation has been extremely upsetting and depressing. I have heard this from many other transgender people too who are feeling exhausted, depressed or numb. Even discounting papers like the daily mail It has been at worst the media calling us rapists, or trans females as “men in dresses” or now a popular way for the BBC to dismiss a transgender human being is to label them a “Trans activist”. It has been completely uninformed such as EVEN the guardians view on the GRA consultation, which alarmingly seemed to be in favour of setting back the equality act. Although it has now been edited to remove a lot of the confusion/misinformation. A lot of the voices in this get to come in, claim they are being silenced for the 27th time on the BBC, whilst on the podium for the 27th time saying trans women are men, criminals, rapists etc and then they go about their lives. Meanwhile we leave the house and get even more abuse and things thrown at us, murdered, or commit suicide.
It has been absolutely shameful and I am glad it will be recorded for the future to look back on in disbelief.
I believe if another Trump ran for PM in either Labour or Conservatives in the UK they would be voted in over here too. It feels like society is on very thin ice. The thing to remember is for things to get better people have to change, they won’t just disappear and that means talking to them.
I knew Trump was bad before the election and I have long since stopped being shocked at what he does, he doesn’t reach a new low for me he has been as bad as they gets since he got in, he has a clear objective, to stay in power and is doing it by whipping up hatred and spending human progress instead of money. Lets hope people have woken up and vote for a future in the mid terms, the damage is already affecting countries worldwide as it has given legitimacy to hate and violence.
Also in brighter trans related news, if you get chance, check out the ITV show Butterfly It’s supposed to be very good!
I do have a running post coming up I promise 😀 and yes I am preaching to the converted, yes Trump isn’t just focussing on transgender people. 


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