I have a zombie problem + Acnestis

I think I need a distraction so I am going to talk about this.

I like zombie films and books. The thing is, I have never been entirely satisfied with one. The closest I have come maybe Pontypool the movie and World War Z the book. It has been like having an itch I can’t scratch. Did you know there’s kind of a word for that. Acnestis is the name for an area of the body you cant reach with your hands, well actually its usually applied to animals but we are animals so there. But that isn’t quite right anyway as I am talking about the kind of itch that isn’t in Acnestis, but no matter how hard you try, scratching doesn’t help. Its like an itch in the fourth dimension

I think my problem is that I am obsessed with the bits that concern the breakdown and fall of civilisation, the kind of stuff that is within the first few chapters, and some films skip entirely. So when I read a book it always slumps after the first few chapters. Then everything is the same. I think World War Z sidestepped this by being a compilation of reports that are around the fall, instead of being about one particular group. Pontypool gets around it by being so interesting aside from the zombie aspect. I recommend everyone watches Pontypool, its not a zombie movie.

It got me thinking about writing a book, I haven’t written a book before, obviously. One of the most powerful things I learnt from running though is that some things can seem out of reach and impossible, ruled out… like running used to be for me, but with enough practice you get good at it. I have been trying to learn to draw and paint and write over the last few months. I keep having a crisis though and losing everything. But maybe if I try it will become a hobby like running.

I watch a youtube channel and really recommend it, its called Peter Draws. I think by repeating what he does anyone can get into drawing.

Like with running we have a preconceived idea of what drawing is. It’s a masterpiece the first go. Effortlessly good. We ignore the fact that they tried and failed so many times that they got good at it. Its about learning to enjoy the failures. Its the same with running. Couch to 5k starts with one minute runs. They feel extremely hard because we push so hard because we think that running means running as fast as someone else. When we actually relax and just enjoy the process of running we realise that we can run and start enjoying it. Masterpieces and speed come later if we ever want them. Maybe we just like doodling?