Sleep Paralysis -Wolf

Rarely, I get something called sleep paralysis. It’s where you wake up but your motor functions are still disabled. So you cant move. But you are still in a way dreaming, so your brain adds things to what you can see, like audio and visual hallucinations.

It happens to me when I sleep on my back, which is something I don’t/can’t usually do, but sometimes I must roll over in the night and I wake up like that on my back. 

Tonight I woke up on my back and I heard a loud low growl from the floor at the bottom of my bed. I was stuck on my back for quite a long time and whenever I try to move I hear it again. I think this was the longest and scariest sleep paralysis of mine. I can’t see anything over my covers. I struggle using 100% of my willpower to raise just one hand, pushing the covers up to see but it only feels like I raise it an inch. “GRRRRRRRRR”. I then hear it padding around the side of the bed, towards me, growling. I can see the top of its back not above the covers. It’s a wolf. I knew it was a wolf as soon as I woke up. It goes back down the room where it came, and I continue struggling. Then in the corner of the room I see it walking up the wall, like some kind of vampire wolf, it stands on the ceiling and looks at me. “GRRRRRRRRRR”. It leaps at me, but goes over the bed right over me. Some point after this I get control back. I manage to sit up but its a real struggle, I am still quite weak. I see nothing there, turn on my side and go back to sleep.

During these events I am aware/hopeful that it is sleep paralysis. It is scary though, but the only way out of it is usually to go back to sleep. I think during the first few minutes I was in and out of sleep, but it is hard to tell obviously. It is usually just an audio hallucination for me and rarely I see things as well. Usually just hearing someone talking in my room.

It is suspected that sleep paralysis is responsible for many alien abduction stories. It would convince someone it had really happened if they hadn’t heard of it before. It happens in different ways to people but it seems to be quite suggestible, for example, many years ago people would dream of the “old nag” an old lady sitting on your chest. A lot of people find it hard to breathe due to the paralysis, however I never notice that. Then a lot of people reported greys standing around them. For me it has been more random. This was the first time for me it has been a wolf who visited. I have had Jose before talking about football, that was an audio only one! Today a lot of my muscles and my neck are quite sore, I probably ended up in an awkward position.