Detransitioning Data and Transphobic Trends

Here's some interesting data on detransitioning and the importance of recognising someone's gender identity. If you have heard that GIC's push people down the path of transitioning, or transgender people encouraging others to transition, you have been grossly misinformed please can people stop "warning" me about this. When I talk to my trans friends they… Continue reading Detransitioning Data and Transphobic Trends

Sofies Couch to 5K: Introduction

I want to tell the story of my C25K experience, including how much I weighed the routes I used and how I felt during and after. Fortunately I recorded most of this using GPS and forum posts so I can look back and see what was going on at the time. To start with, I… Continue reading Sofies Couch to 5K: Introduction

Trans Girls London Marathon Week 4 Training Update

Total Training: 169.8kThis week: 28.2kAn update on my training during week 4. I am running the London Marathon to raise money for the LGBT Foundation, please also consider donating here: Things were looking good this week in terms of the injury. Leg was a little tender on Monday and Tuesday but after then it… Continue reading Trans Girls London Marathon Week 4 Training Update

Trans Girls London Marathon Week 3 Training Update

Total Training: 141.6k This week: 27.8k An update on my training during week 3. A completely unrelated photo. Do you like my glasses? This one is a bit late, this week was extremely difficult regarding my transition. After a 17 month wait I had my first appointment at the Leeds Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) on… Continue reading Trans Girls London Marathon Week 3 Training Update

London Marathon Week 2: Training Update

Total Training: 113.8k This week: 39.2k An update on my training during week 2. In case you missed it I made a video of one of my training runs last week, check it out :p It was extremely nice to be back with the Didsbury Runners on Monday. It has been 9 weeks since… Continue reading London Marathon Week 2: Training Update